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Offset Reacts to Cop Allegedly Choking Cardi B

Cardi B’s alleged choking incident with a NYC cop has seems to spell involvement from the Hip Hop Police, at least as far as her bf Offset is concerned. The Migos rapper told TMZ how he reacted when Cardi called him after the alleged incident. As was previously reported, Cardi says a NYC cop put her in a choke hold Tuesday night and pinned her against her Bentley SUV.

Neither Cardi nor NYPD have offered an explanation for why the cop would have done this, if it did happen. So, when TMZ brought up the possibility it was Hip Hop cops, he found some strength in that theory, although he ain’t really cool with talking about it in public. The Hip Hop Police is the secret unit of law enforcement tasked with pinning crimes on innocent Hip Hop stars.

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