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the9elements Presents: “The Whole 9” w/ Jango

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The Pacific Northwest. Where the weed is legal, and the sun comes out 3 days a year (alternative fact obviously). It’s also home to a pretty vibrant Hip Hop scene. A scene that has the likes of Macklemore make it big over the last few years. So today we chop it up with double threat, rapper/singer Jango. Originally from Connecticut, Jango has toured with the likes of KXNG Crooked and Eazy E3. He recently released a new mixtape, titled Alone By ChoiceAlone By Choice, a project that details that it’s okay to be alone. Check out the interview below, and for more on Jango, hit up his website.

the9elements: When you say you’re “alone by choice”, do you mean there’s no woman who could make you commit right now? Or just that you haven’t met her yet?

Jango: Alone By Choice when referring to women means I don’t need the comfort and support of a woman to find my happiness. I’m extremely driven right now to accomplish my goals. At any point of being in a relationship, if that relationship began to get in the way of my career/music, I’d separate myself from that.

T9E: You are known as an artist who can rap and sing. In the vein of your singing talents, what’s your favorite non-rap album of all time and why?

J: In My Own Words by Ne-Yo is actually one of my favorite R&B albums. When it comes to music choices I’m really a vibe/set the mood kind of listener. In My Own Words has that perfect blend of a classic love story, with all the sexy twists and turns. There’s not to many projects where every song is a hit, but Ne-Yo definitely accomplished just that with that album.

T9E: When listening to your music, what would you think surprises listeners the most about you?

J: I honestly think the fact I’m singing now in this project surprises people the most. Which honestly has been a good thing. So many people have responded positively to the change, it feels like as I change and grow so do my fans.

T9E: Each artist has their specific way of writing their music. What’s yours?

J: All my songs are based off a vibe. Sometimes that vibe translates into the hook first, sometimes it’s the verse first. Whether indirect or directly within the words, I like to tell stories so I always keep that in mind with every song I write. Sometimes I write, like full pages of notes/thoughts and from there I take the most elaborate thoughts or stories and base an entire song off that.

T9E: Being that your mixtape Alone By Choice is out now, what’s track is your favorite and why?

J: Words is and always will be my favorite song from Alone By Choice. It’s some of the realist material I ever wrote and every single time I hear it I remember the pain, and the love I had when making that song. Also the song gives the listener most of my reasons for being alone by choice.

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