the9elements Presents: “The Whole 9” w/ SupaWave Osbourne


With August officially here, we are keeping it local. We had the chance to chop it up with Brooklyn emcee, SupaWave Osbourne, in our latest installment of The Whole 9. Repping both Bushwick and Flatbush, SupaWave has worked with the likes of Vast Aire of Cannibal Ox and Copywrite. He has also shared the stage with the likes of DOOM, the late Sean Price, and Machine Gun Kelly.

recently dropped the visuals for his single, Left Shoes, produced by Best Kept Secret (known for his work with Wale). His next project drops in 2017.

Today we talk about everything from the origin of his name whom he thinks will be our next president. For more on Supa, hit him up on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Peep the interview below.

the9elements: How did you get your stage name?

SupaWave Osbourne: It’s definitely alluding to the abstract. My stage name came from a mix of things. Part of it stems from heavy inspiration by Max B. Since first hearing him on Jim Jones’s City of God mixtape, I have been into Max’s music. He created a wave, or a certain style and aura with it. Max showed the world that music can be itself and can be described as ‘wavy’. It’s hard to put in to words. With Max’s career and the wave he created being cut so short, I feel he is worthy of that homage. His story is surreal. It’s crazier than a lot of movies. And, seeing how it all went down honestly taught me a great deal about the music business. I have my own wave and I’m just trying to bring it out and ride it as well as he did his. The other part of my name is a play off of the name of the famous stunt devil, Super Dave Osbourne. Mostly because I like to get acrobatic with my bars and flip all type of lyrical stunts and tricks.

T9E: What made you decide to become a rapper?

SWO: I’ve always been very good with words. In elementary school I had no problem reading my college level text books and kind of understanding them. I won’t even pretend like I didn’t love winning the spelling bee at my school each year!. It was the words more so than the beats that hooked me. Being a rapper is something that just sort of came naturally to me. Sometimes I think it’s the only thing that I’m really good at. But the first time I consciously said to myself that I want to rap was when I was 11 years old, and Ii saw some cats freestyling in a cypher at Six Flags one summer. It made a very lasting impression on me to say the least.

T9E: What’s the first rap song you ever heard? Describe the moment.

SWO: I’m not totally sure but it was definitely something corny like MC Hammer and I was VERY young; like single digits young, and I was watching MTV with my at my aunt’s house. I remember being blown away, and thinking that it was the coolest thing I had ever seen or heard.

T9E: How did “Left Shoes” come together?

SWO: I had a demo copy of the beat that I would play now and then and write to. I recorded a demo version of my verses over it. I played it for a bunch of people and they liked it as much as I did so I decided to go back and re-record the final version. I contacted Best Kept through email and he had an official breakdown of the beat sent to me that I used for the final recording.

T9E: Let’s talk about the presidential race. Hillary or Trump?

SWO: As far as the presidential race, I think Hillary will win. It should’ve been Bernie Sanders though.

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