TJ Boyce – H-Town Chick


TJ Boyce has been a very busy guy. As a one hundred percent independent artist/producer/songwriter he has hussled up a supportive fanbase and a credible amount of media support, finished his EP and produced and written for a host of both upcoming and established artists to include a writing credit on Bun B’s upcoming project. Somewhere in the midst of all of this, there was a spell where TJ lost his way; the music biz can do that to you, so he took some time off to travel. It was while soaking up the wonders and cultures of Rome, Egypt, South Africa, and Brazil, that TJ once again found his inspiration and was ready to get back to the hustle of being a self-financed label owner and making music.

Todays offering, “H-Town Chick”, whose collaborators were Jerrile Wilcox, Lejuan Samuels and Jaytel and is not exactly what it seems. While the title implies an ode to his main lady the song in fact receives its inspiration from the city TJ loves; its diversity and laid back mentality. As he puts it, “It’s a double entendre, contrasting familiar H-Town phrases with deep intimacy. In this concept, any female can be a “H-Town Chick,” as long as she’s laid back and appreciates certain ‘things’ about her dude.”

As far as where he goes from here, TJ Boyce has this to say, “I’ve been fielding some offers from the majors, but for now I’m proud to be one of the few artists that I know that have successfully made some noise being totally independent. I have no partners, no investors; I own my own label. This business can break you literally and figuratively. The inspiration helped me put everything in perspective. My new project, “The Life”, will be special.”

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