the9elements Presents: “The Whole 9” w/ Just Bizarre


The Whole 9 takes a trip out to New Jersey for our interview with rising spitter Just Bizarre. He’s been on his grind since dropping his debut mixtape The View back in 2010. He’s worked with the likes of Chiddy of Chiddy Bang, while also sharing the stage with CyHi The Prynce and Joell Ortiz. In this interview, we speaks on dancing in Hip Hop, his best tracks, how he plans to make it in this industry, his Filipino heritage and what his 2016 will look like. For more on JB, hit him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Check out the interview below.

the9elements: Dance seems to be kind of a lost art in Hip Hop today, considering how big a part of the culture it was in the beginning. What’s your perspective on that?

Just Bizarre: I have to disagree with you here, I don’t think it ever left. Kids may not be breaking anymore but moves like Dabbing and Milly Rocking are thriving right now. Seems like every year there’s a cool new move I have to learn and add to my arsenal. And I think bumping and grinding will never leave, at least I hope not lol.

T9E: What track of yours do you think you should go down in history for and why?

JB: I think all my music is gonna go down in history when it’s all said and done, not just one track, based on the simple fact that the whole catalog is a one big story. I have so much more to accomplish still but I have really big plans, a lot not based in music. And depending on when you got introduced to my music, that place and time, that certain song may resonate with you more than it would to a different person at a different time in their life, ya dig? The bars are impeccable. So fresh, but the best has yet to come. My greatest songs have yet to be recorded, my best bars still have not been written.

T9E: What do you think it will take for you to blow in the industry?

JB: More great music and meeting and working with the right people to put me in a nice position to bust bigger moves and more plays. Build that buzz and fan base. It’s all a chess game. It’s a grind and I love the journey. Always learning new things.

T9E: Have you ever performed in the Philippines? How does the Filipino community react to your music?

JB: No, never been there before. My fellow Filipinos fuck with me just like any other race would that appreciates the art form. I once did a show at a Filipino Festival in Jersey City and once I got off stage I was mobbed by all types of people wanting to know who I was and where I was from. People were taking pictures with me, giving me their business cards and just networking. They gave me hella props, it was all love. Real recognize real, you know how that go.

T9E: What do you think the flavor for 2016 is gonna be?

JB: Jiggy, swanky, fly talk like we do. Shout out to my squad EFG, that 567 Ship Gang. We take it where others can’t go, ya dig? Spaceships, it’s our world.

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