Lou CharLe$ f/ Dizzy Wright – Facts Only


Who is Lou CharLe$? To the unitiated he may seem to be just another face in the struggle rap landscape but believe me, he is one of Dallas’ best-kept secrets. Both of his previous releases, “Who Is Lou?: Vol. 1” and “Sink or Swim” gained a great deal of local media accolades and several ‘best of’ nominations and now the kid is looking to take that success national with his upcoming release, “In Transit.” On the project’s first offering, “Facts Only”, Lou and Dizzy Wright wax poetic over a mellow, jazzy track provided by Billboard and Stellar Award-winning producer, J. Rhodes. This reflective song takes a conversational tone as the two discuss their experience with ‘frenemies’: those around you who smile in your face while all the time reveling in your struggles and choking on your sucesses. It’s a theme that most can relate to and the relaxed piano vibe makes it one that anyone can enjoy.

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