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the9elements Presents: Memory Lane w/ Salt N Pepa “Pushin It” on The TV

salt n pepa

The whole aim behind our Memory Lane was to not only speak on the Hip Hop tracks that impacted us, but also to have people we know speak on the tracks that influenced them. So for our next installment, guest writer Shiyana Bellamy aka the Southern New Yorker speaks on a track from Hip Hop’s past that inspired her. She’s been a friend of the site for years now, and we’re definitely proud to have her participate. She has her own site SouthernNewYorker, which you guys should definitely check out. Check out Hip Hop inspiration in her words below.

When Hip Hop was booming in the 80’s, I knew every record that came out due to my family’s background in music. I always heard the men finesse their skills on the microphone, but it was Salt N Pepa who really caught my ear. When I was a kid my mom remarried a man who was from North Carolina. We would always travel back and forth from Yonkers to the Tar Heel state. I always asked my mom to play SNP during that ten to twelve hour road trip. Being that my step dad had a huge family and I had new cousins we would always dance to a Hip Hop record. One night at my cousin’s house I saw Salt N Pepa’s video “Push It” for the first time. I was really young and didn’t know the meaning of the song, but they looked so cool with their fly attire, dancing and rapping. Don’t laugh, but me and my cousin started dancing like them. I think I was 5 at most, so just imagine a little kid doing pumps saying, “Push it real good!” I never will forget that moment and what that record meant to me.

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