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Being from NYC, we took our The Whole 9 series through the Holland Tunnel, then on 1&9 to Newark, NJ and chopped it up with the 050 Boyz, a trio of Hip Hop artists who have been killing it lately, and have strong ties to Newark’s past, like Treach and DoItAll of Lords of The Underground. They are working on releasing their upcoming project Everything 050, dropping early August. During out session, we spoke on Everything 050, emcees they looked up to growing up, their relationships with DoItAll, Treach, NJ’s Hip Hop scene and what’s next. Follow them on Facebook, and them individually on Twitter at @RiqdaKid_050, @PrinceAK_050 and @EgoFree2_050. Check out the interview after the jump.

The9elements: You guys are currently working on a new project Everything 050, that from what I hear is dropping in Early August. If you guys could, please give me a background into this project and what to expect from it.

Riq da Kid: The return of the golden era of Hip Hop, but fresh. New! 050! Anthems, Struggle, Street and fun music!

Tru Trilla: You can expect the unexpected, pure lyrics, high power productions, concepts on a high frequency!

Prince AK: It’s produced by Clinton Place and it has songs that are filled with lyrical content, so expect to take a tour through Essex County NJ Brick City when you hear our music and expect to hear a Golden Era Sound

T9E: Y’all represent the great state of New Jersey, specifically Newark and East Orange in Essex County. What were the emcees y’all were into and also what was it growing up where y’all grew up?

Riq da Kid: I listened to all the true legends, Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, Kool G Rap, NaS, Jay Z, B.I.G, Tupac, Mase, The LOX and even Another Bad Creation, Illegal and Da Youngstas as a kid. But from Jersey? Naughty by Nature. Loved it when that Chief Rocka from Lords of Underground came out. Also Apache, Redman, Lauryn Hill, Queen Latifah and Rotten Razkals.

Tru Trilla: Wow, the emcees I was listening to varies so much. Apache, 2Pac, Big L, Large Professor, Brand Nubian, KRS-One, Naughty by Nature, Lakim Shabazz, C Wise, Govmatic, Wu Tang, Nas, Beanie Sigel, The LOX, so many.

Prince AK: Being that I was raised in East Orange until I was 10 and then moved to Brick City, I was around artists that were making moves. My man from the block Supreme C got a deal with Flava Unit so I was around Rotten Razkals, Naughty by Nature, Lakim Shabazz, Redman, Lords of the Underground you know, all the New Jersey artists.

T9E: Speaking more into your affiliations, you three have gotten huge cosigns from Fam of Rotten Razkals, DoItAll of Lord of The Underground and Treach of Naughty By Nature, who in my opinion is one of the Top 10 greatest emcees EVER, but doesn’t nearly get the credit he deserves. Anyway, what are your relationships with those three, and where did they start?

Riq da Kid: Treach and Fam always looked at me as a little brother, but always let me know how talented I was. Sparring and creating amongst them so young sharpened my skills and showed me I had to be competitive in Hip Hop. Treach was always someone I would call for help musically speaking, and no matter his status he would come and assist. Whether it was getting on a record or for advice. I’d ran into DoitAll a few times but never really met him until about 5 years ago. I was assisting youths, teaching them songwriting, engineering and recording. He came through to help one day and we’ve been building ever since.

Tru Trilla: Well my relationship with Fam and Treach goes way back and was before DoItAll. We met somehting like mid-1994 through my bro Middy Murdock and Pookie KG. I only met DoItAll for the first time like a couple of years ago or so

Prince AK: As far as Rotten Razkals go, me and Fam were in kindergarten together. I met Treach in 91 when I ran into Fam in Philly at the Greek Fest, and DoitAll through Mr. Funkyman who I went to High School with.

T9E: Let’s get more into New Jersey right now, Hip Hop in Jersey has went from Queen Latifah and Naughty By Nature to Redman and the Outsidaz, to Joe Budden and now Fetty Wap and a few others. Being that y’all rep NJ as both as emcees and fans of Hip Hop, let me get your take on NJ Hip Hop.

Riq da Kid: It’s all about that Jersey sound, that’s the essence of that Garden State Identity.

Tru Trilla: We bringing back the identity to Jersey. Remember when you could hear someone and pin point exactly where they’re from by their music and sound and slang? Yeah, well it’s cool to borrow but don’t forget to give it back you fruit cups.

Prince AK: Well as of right now, Fetty Wap has opened the flood gates for Jersey so people are finally paying attention to Jersey music. We have always had some of the best artists, but being so close to NY it’s hard to shine. But my state is flooded with talent and everyone is grinding like bad brakes, so beware of the NJ movements.

T9E: You guys are currently working to release Everything 050 in August, and y’all just released a video for your track Hot Damn. What else can we expect from the 050 Boyz?

Riq da Kid: We’re filming some new videos, two from the album specifically Lets Talk About It and Out Here for Nothing, so they’re the ones to look out for soon

Tru Trilla: Yeah, Out Here for Nothing and Let’s Talk About It are the next videos but you can expect a lot more octane before the release. Watch what we’re doin here.

Prince AK: You guys can expect at least 3 new visuals and bonus songs off the Everything 050 LP. There’s also solo projects from each one of us coming soon

T9E: Thank you guys for taking time to do this. Any last words?

Riq Da Kid: Make sure y’all pick up Everything 050 the album, August 4th. 050dat!

Tru Trilla: Yes, Everything 050 is dropping August 4 and we appreciate your time, much respect warrior. Salute.

Prince AK: For sure, make sure y’all go buy the album August 4th.

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