the9elements Presents: “The Whole 9” w/ Ande Bishop


We here at the9elements have been dedicated to bringing you the best of what Hip Hop’s future has to offer with our The Whole 9 interview series, and this week is no different as we chopped it up with up and coming Southern emcee/producer Ande Bishop. The young lion who I was introduced to last year when he produced for Londn Blue has a new EP out titled OCEAN$ which is nice blend of Soul/R&B samples injected with contemporary electronic kicks, beats and keys and Ande’s piercing lyricism. During our sit down with homie, we spoke on his new EP OCEAN$, his standout single OldJayZVideos, as well what his favorite Hov video is, the overall feel of the EP itself, his team at American Roulette, the current musical state of the South’s music, then taking to two tracks that he started 2015 with and what he’s got in store next. For more on Ande, check him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Check out the full interview after the jump.

the9elements: You just released your new EP OCEAN$, which people can cop on iTunes. What does this project say about you as an artist?

Ande Bishop: I think it just says that I’m a versatile new rapper, I didn’t overthink anything on this, so I think it comes across as very smooth. But I look at OCEAN$ as my demo, with my official stuff coming up.

T9E: Listening to the EP, my favorite track off top has to be OldJayZVideos. I dig the vibe of the track, which is laid back track, which is a theme throughout this project. But the track also takes me back to just chilling at home watching videos all day, after watching Sportscenter of course. But to stay with the overall title of the track, what’s your favorite Jay Z video?

AB: Good ass question, without thinking probably Girls, Girls, Girls. His I Know video off of American Gangster is up there too, even though he didn’t appear in it.

T9E: Another thing I noticed about this EP is that the tracks are pretty short. Only one track goes over 3 minutes, which is rare nowadays. Why did you choose to keep them so condensed?

AB: Like I said I look at OCEAN$ as a teaser to my overall sound, which I’m honestly still discovering day by day. Being that I never released anything prior to 2015, I didn’t even know what sound of mind people would gravitate towards, so I was really more focused on putting out as many different vibes as possible, rather than long songs.

T9E: Let’s talk about you on the come up real quick. You’re the latest rep of the American Roulette camp, which I got familiar with a little with the joints Londn Blue released last year that I heard. Tell me a little bit about American Roulette and what you guys are about.

AB: I love that you’ve heard Londn’s stuff, he’s supremely talented. It was started back in 2012, we have 4 artists on the label at the moment. All of us have projects and visuals planned for the summer, so it’s gonna be super busy, but we expect to have a lot of success. Each of us are extremely talented I would say, and all of us have a different sound.

T9E: As an emcee, you have this style that focuses on lyrics and not necessarily a gimmick, which some would find odd being that you’re from the South. Not jabs on the south because emcees like Andre3000, Big Boi, K.R.I.T. and others have been putting on for as long as I can remember, but it seems like the gimmicks are what passes, especially when it comes to mainstream. How do you stay focused, knowing you have to jump over so much just to be heard?

AB: It’s just the love of it at this point, I enjoy the processes. The writing, production, press campaigns, I genuinely enjoy it. And I get paid to do it, so it’s work and play at the very same time. I enjoy all of the music coming out of the south, even the party/bounce stuff, I think it’s an art to it all.

T9E: You started 2015 by releasing a crazy track 50 Centences, along with $77.43 which were two this year’s dopest tracks, but they didn’t make OCEAN$. Any particular plan that you have for those two tracks?

AB: No I plan on moving forward honestly, I loved them at the time, but I don’t even listen to them anymore. I got about 20 new songs I’m building and I think they’re all stronger than those songs.

T9E: With the release of your new EP OCEAN$, what’s next for Ande Bishop?

AB: More music, man. I plan releasing no less than 3 more projects this year. I’m shooting visuals, and just growing my fan base, day by day.

T9E: Thanks a lot for taking the time out to chop it up. Any last words?

AB: Thanks for taking the time to interview me, I appreciate the9elements for covering me since day 1, much love to you guys.

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