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Chuck D Goes On Twitter Rant Over Ray Rice Assault

chuck d ray rice

As a lot of people who watched the disturbing footage of Ray Rice brutally knocking out his then fiancee Janay, Public Enemy’s Chuck D has expressed his opinions on the domestic violence incident. He took to Twitter to share his thoughts on Janay being victimized by her husband, but focused on a particular topic that many people never thought of when looking into this tragic matter.

Chuck chose to talk about the lack of a father in Janay’s father life, as playing a pivotal role in why she has accepted the battered and brainwashed victim mentality that she has displayed since Ray attacked her on camera. Chuck never addressed Janay directly, but rather the mentality of men in general who think that it’s okay to hit women. He debated the importance of strong male guidance in one’s household with many Twitter users, using the recent assault on Janay by the hands of her husband Ray Rice as the focal point. To peep his tweets, you can go to his account.

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