Jay Z Attacked By Solange Inside Elevator

Jay Z was ferociously assaulted by Beyoncé’s sister Solange, who was wildly kicking and swinging at him inside an elevator and the attack was captured on surveillance video. More after the jump

According to TMZ, it all went down at a Met Gala after party last week at the Standard Hotel in NYC. In the video, Jay Z, Beyoncé and Solange step into the elevator and then Solange goes crazy, screaming at Jay before unleashing a violent attack.

A large man, who appears to be a bodyguard, attempts to hold Solange back, but she manages to connect at least 3 times. At one point Solange throws a kick and Jay grabs her foot, but never attempts to strike her. Beyoncé stands by without getting physically involved.

It’s unclear what triggered the fight. Also, When you look closely, you see the bodyguard hit the emergency stop switch on the 12th floor, mid fight, presumably to keep the fight private.

The pic below was taken after the apparent scuffle, and Solange doesn’t look happy.


UPDATE: The Standard Hotel NYC released a statement in regards to this matter:

“We are shocked and disappointed that there was a clear breach of our security system and the confidentiality that we count on providing our guests. We are investigating with the utmost urgency the circumstances surrounding the situation and, as is our customary practice, will discipline and prosecute the individuals involved to our fullest capacity.”

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