Tyga Didn’t Know Freddy E Prior To His Suicide


Despite reports that say the late Freddy E was an artist under Tyga, it looks as if that may have been false rumors. More after the jump.

According to I Am Jason Lee, Freddy E was never signed to Tyga’s label, and didn’t even know Tyga prior to news spreading that he had taken his own life.

Sources close to Freddy E within the last 24 hours state that Tyga had no relationship with Freddy, meaning that the two’s only connection was through Freddy’s ex Honey Cocaine, who is under Tyga’s label.

Honey is currently mourning his death, as he committed suicide just days ago, and has also become a target of some heavy slander from various people. In light of that, she is going to make an appearance on Power 106 tomorrow at 10 AM to speak out about his passing.

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  1. Wat time tomorrow??

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