Jean Grae – Dust Ruffle (Album)

jean grae dust ruffle

A lot of people find interesting things under their beds. Shoes, magazines, articles of clothing and paraphernalia are some of the things that people find, but if you’re Jean Grae, songs are also things that you can find under bed. So Ms. Grae has decided to release those songs under her bed as an album. Features include Sadat X and Planet Asia. Track list and purchase link after the jump.

1. Neckface
2. Mean Jean (B Day edition)
3. What Cha Gonna Do
4. What The Hell
5. Admire Quagmire
6. Haters Anthem Remix ft Planet Asia and Sadat X
7. The Setup
8. Lights Off
9. The Climb
10. SupaLuv (Acoustic Rehearsal)


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