First Female Rapper In Afghanistan Receives Death Threats

The first female rapper in Afghanistan, Sosan Firooz and her family have recently been the target of death threats from anonymous people, telling her to stop rapping. But the YouTube sensation is not afraid of the threats and will continue to make music. More after the jump.

“How long should we keep this silence? There’s a need for people to rise up. And others should follow,” says Firooz. The death threats started after the 23 year old released her first single. Her mother has also received threats. “They told her ‘If your daughter appears on TV again, we will cut off your head,’” says Firooz.

The producer of her album, Fared Rastagar, spoke with CBS and said, “some female singers have stopped singing because of threats from the Taliban, some have left the country.” Firooz is rare for women in Afghanistan because she raps, but she is determined to be the voice of the voiceless, of those that have been silenced.

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