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Ryan Leslie Ordered To Pay $1 Million In Lost Laptop Lawsuit

Ryan Leslie has found himself on the losing end of a $1 Million lawsuit filed against him for refusing to pay a reward he offered for a laptop he had that was stolen. More after the jump.

Back in 2010, the laptop in question was stolen from Ryan Leslie’s Mercedes at a concert tour stop in Cologne, Germany. Leslie then went to YouTube and guaranteed a $1 Million reward for returning the laptop.

Back in January 2011 while walking his dog, Armin Augstein had recovered Ryan Leslie’s Macbook in a park in Stommlerbusch, near Cologne. When he asked for Ryan Leslie to make good on his promise, Leslie declined and the dispute went to court.

The jury decided against him yesterday in U.S. District Court. Ryan Leslie contention for not paying the promised amount, several unreleased multitrack songs stored on the hard drive were inaccessible when he received the computer and also implied that Augstein may have been involved with the theft, something the jury obviously didn’t buy.

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