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Did SB Stop Nicki Minaj From Going To Her Own Album Release Party?

Nicki Minaj’s hype man and rumored boyfriend SB is rumored to have pulled the ultimate power move, by stopping Nicki Minaj from going to her own album release party in NYC. More after the jump.

The NY Post reports that SB got into a huge ruckus outside of her The Re-Up album release party after his posse of 19-30 people was denied entrance, while Nicki was reportedly in her car on the way to the event.

The source at the party revealed that after his people were denied entrance, SB was angry at the bouncers and insisted, “Let them all in or she’s [Minaj] not going to come!”

Once SB ultimately was turned away with his group, he made good on his promise and Nicki didn’t show up to her own album release party. Nicki has yet to confirm these rumors, but people are questioning why else would she now show up for such a big event.

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