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Yamin Semali – Yen Dollar Music Vol. 1 (Album)

Atlanta-based emcee/producer Yamin Semali of rap duo Clan Destined presents Yen Dollar Music Vol. 1, an album of self-produced instrumentals presented in conjunction with ProducersIKnow.com and Yen Dollar Music (¥$M), Yamin’s new production company and brand. He has compiled 20 instrumentals for volume one, with other volumes to include compilations from various artists in Hip Hop’s global community. As half of Clan Destined, Yamin aka DJ AmDex has been tied to releases going back to Shaman Work Recordings (Ta’Raach, Wale Oyejide, CL Smooth) and has more recently been working alongside Illastrate, Boog Brown, and J-Live to name a few. The sound of ¥$M is indicative of loop digging, crate sampling, and synth manipulation. From Atlanta, Semali has a sound unlike much of what many consider to be Southern, but the tradition of the regional sound is well preserved for fans of Organized Noize, Supastition, Willie Evans Jr. and Count Bass-D. His last single was “Never Leave” (watch the video here). Clan Destined’s third LP Self Titled, received 5 out of 5 stars on CreativeLoafing.com (read the review here). February 2013 will see the CD/LP release of his solo album Yamin.

Track list and purchase link after the jump.

1. ¥amin $tarts
2. ¥outh $care
3. ¥ellow $un
4. ¥a’ll $outherners
5. ¥acht $inking
6. ¥awning $lumber
7. ¥esterday’s $cience
8. ¥ankee $wing
9. ¥ou’re $hot!
10. ¥ancey $pirit
11. ¥ielding $ix
12. ¥ummy $qualene
13. ¥awpers $ilent
14. ¥ell, $omeone!
15. ¥osemite $am
16. ¥eru $halom
17. ¥am $uph
18. ¥ardcore $tylee
19. ¥onder $ide
20. ¥clad $exily


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