Lil’ Wayne Blames Loss In Court To QDIII To Bad Judge & Jury

Lil’ Wayne is pissed off that he lost his lawsuit against QDIII, not because of the money, but because he thinks the judge should have given him time to recover from his illness so he could have made his case to the jury. More after the jump.

Wayne is telling his boys he’s positive jurors were pissed off because he didn’t show up and testify. Wayne says he could have turned jurors and convinced them that Quincy’s documentary on him was defamatory. He’s also convinced the jury would never have awarded Quincy more than $2 mil for lost profits as a result of Wayne trashing the flick.

But the big thing is, Wayne says he was sick, couldn’t fly to L.A. and was dealing with a medical emergency situation. But he’s leaving out one important fact. He wasn’t so sick he couldn’t take his tour bus from Louisiana to Miami to sit courtside for the Heat game. As for the $2 mil, Wayne’s brushing it off because he says that’s small change to him.

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