Pitchfork Gun Range Interview Could Land Chief Keef In Jail

Chief Keef may be in hot water again as he may face legal repercussions for participating in an interview at a gun range for Pitchfork. More after the jump.

According to the rules of his probation, Chief Keef is not allowed to have a firearm, a stipulation which may be determined to have been violated during the interview.

The Chicago Sun Times reports that on October 17th, prosecutors asked Judge Carl Anthony Walker to throw Chief Keef in jail for breaching the rules of his probation. The footage in question shows the Chicago native firing a weapon, but Pitchfork later removed the interview amid criticism.

Chicago Police officials explained that putting Keef behind bars would stop him from harming himself or others, plus send a message to potential offenders. “Anytime he is in Chicago, he is a potential target and anyone around him is in jeopardy, including innocent kids,” said chief of the Chicago Police Department’s Organized Crime Bureau, Nicholas Roti.

Keef is definitely familiar with negative press after the death of rival and fellow rapper, Lil’ JoJo, authorities were looking into whether or not he had anything to do with the homicide. Weeks later, the youngster posted a explicit photo on Instagram, and had his account shut down.

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