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  1. Spark Ly'riq

    I just wanted to express that I am a fan of your website and the promotion of talented artists. I would love if you consider posting my latest project (info below).

    Artist: Spark Ly’riq & Manna Maestro (crime children)
    Location: Philadelphia
    Song title: Fuck Rap


    ‘Fuck Rap’ is based on the state of hip hop in which we feel the culture has been lost to the appeal of vanities and commercial media. The slightly controversial title complements our feelings on the current state of hip hop which we believe could use more conscience rappers who could make good songs and at the same time display the harsh stuggles of our communities and also try to create an uprising against societies negativities

    Crime Children is a movement of young people aspiring to be free from societies shackles and at the same time make music people could bump to!

    We can be contacted on twitter: @sparkyriq @mannamaestro

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