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Pinky Says She’s Willing To Do A Sex Tape With Mystikal

Mystikal’s porn career is off to a promising start as his #1 porn star crush has agreed to have sex with him on film, but he better not plan to get paid for it. More after the jump.

Pinky, who Mystikal named as his top choice to pop his porn cherry tells TMZ, she’s flattered the rapper picked her and will gladly film a sex tape with him for her website.

But Pinky says she refuses to pay him, because Mystikal is currently an amateur and Pinky doesn’t pay amateurs “no matter how good he is in bed.”

As was previously reported, Mystikal says he’s taking one last stab at the music biz before he gives up and turns to porn, seriously.

As for his six-year prison stint for sexual battery, Pinky says it doesn’t bother her one iota, saying, “I think he came out looking better than when he went in.”

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