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the9elements Interviews Young Fyre

I recently had the pleasure of chopping it up with producer Young Fyre, known for his work with both Tech N9ne and T-Pain. We chopped it up about his beginnings, beating Rockwilder in a beat battle, producing for both Tech N9ne and T-Pain, his producing style, artist he would like to work with and the future. It was really dope getting to chop it up with him. Check out the interview after the jump.

the9elements: Let’s talk a little about your beginnings, you started producing at the age of 16 years old and haven’t looked back. What made you wanna be a producer?

Young Fyre: I started out as a writer/singer/rapper and needed beats. I couldn’t find any really good beats, so I decided to start producing and ended up liking it more than being an artist. From that point on I just focused on producing.

T9E: What producers would you consider influences to you, whether stylistically or just in terms of making you wanna produce?

YF: I’m greatly influenced by Timbaland’s creativity, and the musicality and compositions of Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis and people like that. Also influenced by The Neptunes.

T9E: As you were coming up, you started to make a name for yourself on RocBattles.com, where you had a record of 233-9 and even beat Rockwilder, a cat that people would definitely consider legendary. What did that mean to you at the time that it happened?

YF: It was huge for me when it happened. Compiling that record and then beating Rockwilder was a life-changing experience that got me a lot of exposure and opened a lot of doors to the industry.

T9E: Your successes on RocBattle lead to you linking up with Tech N9ne and his Strange Music crew, producing for him Kutt Kalhoun and others. How was it working with a cat like Tech N9ne? What did he bring out of you creatively?

YF: It was wonderful working for Tech N9ne. He’s one of the most creative people ever, in any genre. Tech allowed me to create music with no limitations whatsoever; I was able to paint whatever picture I wanted with my music and always felt like Tech was with me on it.

T9E: Fast forward to the present, you linked up with T-Pain and are under the Nappy Boy umbrella, producing most of his last album RevolveR as well working with Lil’ Wayne on How To Hate featuring T-Pain and Ace Hood’s King of The Street also featuring T-Pain. Even though T-Pain makes music that is for a more mainstream audience, he still finds ways to stay create even within that space. How does an artist like T-Pain compare to Tech N9ne creatively?

YF: They’re two completely different monsters but both equally creative. I’ve learned a lot from both, especially from Pain on songwriting – He got me back into that.

T9E: Let’s talk about your style. You describe yourself as being outside the box stylistically, but you produce for a lot of mainstream artists. How are you able to keep your style, even within the confines of mainstream music and also, describe your creative process in terms of making a beat and is staying outside the box something you do on purpose?

YF: I’m able to stay within the mainstream box while being creative by just doing what I do. I think people over-think music and try to do too much; I just do what feels right. Out of the box is what’s always in my brain, so I just try to go where my brain goes without getting too crazy (My brain gets really crazy sometimes). My creative process is different with every track. I just start with whatever comes to me first and think as if I was writing a song to it, so that also helps me keep things mainstream.

T9E: With the list of artists that you’ve worked with so far, which I mentioned earlier, anyone else out there that you would love to produce for?

YF: Mariah Carey, Jay-Z, Katy Perry, branching off to Taylor Swift and a bunch of others.

T9E: Let’s talk about the future, what’s next for Young Fyre?

YF: Songwriting and producing from top to bottom, and basically working with whoever people don’t expect me to work with.

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