Loaded Lux Addresses Battling Busta Rhymes & Meek Mill (Video)

Coming off of his hall-of-fame worthy battle rap performance against a formidable foe in Detroit spitter, Calicoe, Loaded Lux took the time out of his busy schedule to chop it up with VladTV for this exclusive interview. A hot topic in the battle scene these days has been whether main stream artists such as Busta Rhymes or Meek Mill will step into the battle ring, because they both have stated recently that they would be willing to compete.

Lux, being the prophit-like speaker that he is, spoke deeply on the subject of how Busta and/or Meek stepping into the battle arena would merge a gap between battle rap and main stream, for in the end, each form of lyrical spitting is art in its own way. And of course, Lux would be honored to battle either man.

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