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Nicki Minaj Gets Her Own Reality Show On E!

Nicki Minaj was recently reported to have begun filming her own reality show for the E! network. more after the jump.

The rap superstar, had recently been reported that she will be expanding her presence on television this year. After announcing her decision to join the hit television show, American Idol, as a judge, the Harajuku Barbie is supposedly prepping up a reality television show for the E! network.

According to Perez Hilton, he recently was able to get an interview with her as she began filming her reality show the same afternoon. Details have about the television show have been kept a secret, and it’s still currently unclear when the Minaj’s reality television series will air on the E! network channel.

An insider’s of Nicki Minaj even stated on the Daily Mirror newspaper, “Nicki’s life on camera will blow away all other previous reality stars.”

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