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NaS & Lauryn Hill Announce New US Tour

NaS and Lauryn Hill are joining forces to launch a new tour that they will be co-headlining. More after the jump.

The tour called the Life Is Good/Black Rage Tour shares its name with NaS’ latest album Life Is Good and Black Rage, a new song by Lauryn about the derivative effects of racial inequity and abuse. The record, which will be released this fall, is described by Ms. Hill as a juxtaposition to the statement life is good, which she believes can only be so when these long standing issues are addressed and resolved.

“I use the performance platform as an opportunity to express the energy of that moment, and the intention behind it,” said Ms. Hill. “I’ve been a long standing rebel against the stale, over commoditization. As artists we have opportunity to help the public evolve, raise consciousness and awareness, teach, heal, enlighten and inspire in ways the democratic process may not be able to touch. So we keep it moving.”

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